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[Kajitabi, Casino Me] Details of first deposit bonus, deposit and withdrawal methods, etc.

*Basic notes*

*Connecting and playing from Japan is prohibited. Please comply with the laws and rules of each country.

*Basically, when playing at an online casino, please check the terms and conditions and play at your own risk.

*Basically, only one online casino account can be created per person, per household, and per same IP address.

Please note that if you violate the terms, your account will be frozen and you will not be able to withdraw money.

*In addition to casinos only operating in Japan, there are also

There are also many casinos located around the world. For this reason, it may be difficult to communicate with each casino, so please do not rush.

Basically, bank transfers to overseas casinos take 1.2 weeks to arrive at the time of withdrawal. If you want to conduct smooth money transactions and avoid trouble, please use EcoPayz, Vega Wallet, Binance, personal wallets, etc.

*Basically, we do not recommend credit card payments until you have established a link to your withdrawal method. Please be sure to deposit using a payment method that allows withdrawals.

*When depositing virtual currency, credit cards, etc., please make the deposit from an account in your own name.

If there is a discrepancy, your account may be suspended. Please stop money laundering etc.🙆‍♂️

*Please be careful not to make mistakes in transit in order to receive cashback.

◇If you back up your browser during registration, please restart registration by clicking the link again.

◇If you register from Twitter etc., you may not be able to register via Twitter, so if you are concerned, please

We recommend copying the link, opening it with Googlechrome, Safari, etc., and registering.

*If you have any problems while playing at the casino, please contact us directly via in-casino live chat or email.

We may be slow to respond, but please don't panic and take action while keeping an eye on the situation!

Also, please contact me if possible. Depending on the content, we will urge you to take action and provide detailed explanations.

◇Violation of casino terms of use and bonus terms of use

◇Withdrawal suspension due to abuser behavior

Please refrain from responding to such actions due to negligence on the player's side.


●Opposite bet [Ryobari] Ryobari with multiple accounts

●Frequent abuse of system bets

● Exceeding the bet limit, using prohibited games, hiding bonuses (bonus release after deposit bonus is used up)

●Age limit

●Playing from banned countries

●Creating multiple accounts and falsifying ID cards



Please read and fully understand the terms of use and precautions before using.


Casino Me has a history of making huge mistakes with the Meat Bargain last year.

A full refund of play money has been made.

Since then, I have not made the same mistake again, but in an online casino that is still in the growth process, there is always the risk of trouble!

Please understand that and play at your own discretion 🙆‍♂️✨


Kajitabi Welcome Bonus


At Kajitabi, the welcome bonus will be applied up to 4 deposits.

◇Bonus type: Separate type

◇Wagering requirements: 20x

◇Maximum bet amount: 5$

◇ Deadline: 60 days bonus

Free spins bonus 30 days

●First deposit

You can get a 100% bonus up to $100 and 100 free spins on Starburst (10 spins per day for 10 days).

●Second deposit

You can get a 50% bonus up to $100.

●Third deposit

You can get a 25% bonus up to $100.

●4th deposit

You can get a 25% bonus up to $200.


casino me welcome bonus


◇Bonus type: Separate type

◇Wagering requirements: 20x

◇Maximum bet amount: 5$

◇ Deadline: 60 days bonus

Free spins bonus 30 days

At Casino Me, you can receive a deposit bonus totaling 777$ + 77 spins ✨

●Initial deposit

100% bonus up to 377$ + 77 spins (11 spins awarded every day for 1 week)

●Second time

60% up to 200$

●Third time

20% up to 100$

●4th time

10% up to 100$


Casino Me cashback system


If you continue to make deposits and play at Kajitabi, you will be contacted with VIP offers and there will be a function to collect diamonds and exchange them for free spins, etc.

Casino Me has a feature where you can accumulate 0.5% of the bet amount as a rebate and turn it into cash after 1000 plays.


Type of game


Of course slots and live

Also note that the RTP of Playn'Go and pragmatic slots is set to the maximum.

Casino Me has added mahjong, so you can play mahjong from countries where online gambling is legal.

Free to play

It seems that you can play at high rates such as 0.5$ to 256$.


Deposits and withdrawals


Free deposit fee

Withdrawal fee

*If you apply for withdrawal more than 3 times within 24 hours, a 3% fee will be charged.


⬆︎Register for Kajitabi⬆︎

⬆︎Register for Casino Me ⬆︎


*Please be sure to comply with the rules of each country you use.



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